summer 2016


erik steffensen, annelies štrba, nives widauer, yamamoto masao



yamamoto masao, kawa #1633, silver gelatine print, 2014, 28 x 35,3 cm


 cécile wick, weisser wald II, 2003, inkjet on paper


 erik steffensen, girl, 2008, silkscreen



yamamoto masao, Shizuka #3027 Zen




annelies štrba           fotoleinwände 1976 - 94

                                   photography on canvas 1976 - 94


zorka, 1984 (1990), b/w-photography on canvas, 140 x 100 cm

nzz article april 2015

website annelies strba



nives widauer, kosmos, 28 new works on paper

website nives widauer


beatrice minda about her projects in myanmar, romania and iran on arte-tv:


artist's book by

dunja evers

with a text by ilma rakusa

edition of 100, signed and numbered


ex.  1/100 - 20/100  CHF 60.--

ex. 21/100 - 40/100 CHF 80.--

availabe at the gallery

website dunja evers






latest book by Yamamoto Masao available at the gallery:

Small Things in Silence, text by Jacobo Siruela, 144 pages,128 photographs

CHF 110.-- available at the gallery

RM publishers, Barcelona